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Marius Løken lecturer on Mental Health

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I have gradually given lectures in many different arenas, and I am very proud of that! I always ask for feedback from my employers that reflects the work I have done. On this page you will find reviews from both previous employers and google reviews.

NTNU Trondheim

Linjeforeningen Baris

Marius Løken gave a lecture (digital) for Linjeforeningen «Baris» for child welfare students at NTNU Trondheim. Marius has a fantastic way of approaching the target group as well as communicating and creating engagement. There was laughter, tears and standing ovations among our members!



Marius gave lectures in Gudbrandsdalen and in Gjøvik. In both places we got good feedback, where people were drawn into his story. Marius is able to juggle seriousness and humor in a perfect way, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of good mental health.

EFLA rådgivende ingeniører

Cathrine Krohn

The lecture with Marius Løken was very inspiring. And I hope more than me go into the weekend with some thoughts on how to live and what you can get better at. He gave us some tools and hopefully more than me will use some of these. An awareness of seeing and caring for others, being a colleague / family / friendship. A lecture that suits everyone.

Fagforbundet Ryfylke

Siri Kyrkjeeide

We arranged a long-awaited membership evening at Sand in Suldal municipality where Marius gave a moving but motivating lecture for us. From the first word, it was completely quiet in the hall, and he had our full attention! He is so incredibly good at conveying such a wonderful story, and got both tears and laughter from the audience! Recommended!

aktivCampus Trondheim

Ingrid Hasselgård Bøe

When we got Marius to come to Trondheim to give a lecture for us during aktivCampus, we reckoned that it would be good, but we were not prepared for it to be SO good! That it is possible to have such an exciting, lively, fun and gripping lecture based on such a serious incident is quite incomprehensible. This is definitely a guy who knows when to be serious, how to convey an extremely important message, and how to get the whole gang out of the room with a smile on their face afterwards. This man, and this message, you will definitely not want to miss!

Fagforbundet Oppland

Henning E. Karlsen

Gripping, educational and entertaining lectures for over 300 members of the Trade Union Oppland in recent weeks. Engages, exudes and delivers, regardless of age or background among the congregation. One of our most popular professional evenings in recent years. Truly a man we can recommend and who the members will most likely want back.

Skjeberg Folkehøyskole

Skjeberg Folkehøyskole had the pleasure of having Marius Løken here to give lectures for the whole school. Marius surprised us all with an open, light, at times humorous and straightforward tone in a lecture that also deals with the most serious aspects of life. Students and staff were involved from the first to the last moment, much because of Marius’ ability to keep in touch with the audience. His life experiences and the way he has coped with his own great challenges that were suddenly thrown at him, many will benefit from hearing.

Høgskolen i Innlandet

The most inspiring thing about the lecture was how he made the audience smile and laugh so quickly, despite the heavy theme behind the message

Hartvig Nissen videregående

Trine Gartha Seland

Social relationships and belief in mastery are also the factors that research shows promote mental health to the greatest extent, and Marius highlighted this in an inspiring way.

Oslo Tingrett

Frode Wold

It was a very good mix of seriousness, humor, learning and tips on how his story can also be used in everyday work. Can be safely recommended!

Politihøgskolen Oslo

The lecture was moving and extremely educational for the 200 students at the Police Academy who had the pleasure of listening to Marius

Fagforbundet Ung

We were inspired to invite Marius because of his story, and his way back to a life. It was strong and hear the stories, but also very good with the humor that was used throughout the lecture. Our 200 guests have had an evaluation where 91% gave a 10 is at the lecture. We had the scale from 1-10. Marius’ introduction was the one that got the highest score, and the feedback was very good. This lecture is suitable for everyone because we can all end up in different situations that allow us to use the tools that Marius talks about. We highly recommend Marius.

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