The story of the Halloween-Murder in 2011

A night in october

Published by:
Cappelen Damm i 2016


Language: Norwegian

Marius Løken, Marit Sunnanå Aalrust

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On the night of Sunday 30 October 2011, a 22-year-old man crashed out of an apartment building on Bislett in Oslo with 20 life-threatening stab wounds to his body. From the sidewalk, he threw himself into a random car that drove him to the nearest hospital. While Marius Løken was in a coma, the newspaper front pages were filled with eerie details and speculations about what was to become one of Norway's most talked about murder cases. But only two people knew what had really happened - Marius and the man who had almost killed him.

This is Marius' own story - about a group of boys from Hallingdal who establish a collective in an apartment on Bislett and live their young lives as if they are immortal, when the most unthinkable thing happens: A best friend attacks to kill. Marius tells what happened behind the glass doors in Pilestredet 70, and gives us the prehistory of what was to become one of the biggest insanity debates in Norwegian legal history.

A Night in October is a book about what happens when the very bedrock of life, the trust of our loved ones, erodes, and what we can do to rebuild it.

It is a book about regaining control in life, and which raises a question that is as short as it is complicated: What really lives in us?

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