Lectures I can offer your company

I am very happy that more and more companies are booking me to talk about mental health.

We spend a large part of our lives at work and what is more important than having good colleagues around us? Colleagues who support you? Colleagues who motivates you?

I am certain that a good work culture starts with each and every one of us and what we bring to the table. If you are feeling good, you are happy to help a colleague who is having a bad day, make extra effort on a project or deliver on time.

Most things start with the coffee talk and it is very important.
One can be surrounded by colleagues, but still feel loneliness, emptiness, depression.
Can you can share thoughts and feelings with colleagues, of course you can!

I am often booked for seminars where the topic of mental health is not the main subject, but my clients want a strong story, a lot of humor and good reflections to take with them.

In my lectures, I focus on how closely physical and mental health are connected and what strength this can be, when used correctly.

I am concerned about the different routines we can have in everyday life and that these play a greater role when life is difficult. But I am particularly interested in the routines you have with yourself.

I also focus on that we humans are herd animals and how you can build a strong foundation with the people around you and what role it will play further in life.

It's about how you invest in colleagues and people around you.

Do you want to focus on mental health in the workplace, create better work environment and generally have employees with more energy. Then I will be happy to visit you.

I serve a strong message, create reflections among the employees both individually and together.

I have held over 500 lectures where the customers have been everything from the Armed Forces, Vålerenga football, LO, Finansforbundet and most universities and colleges.

Subject day

I have extensive experience with lectures at subject days for a number of companies and organizations in various industries. Whether it is to attach relevance to the subject, or to break up the evening with one hour of entertainment and inspiration.


Ready for a real KickOff? Me too!
After many years in the sales industry, I have a lot of good memories related to KickOffs, and know what it takes to lift the evening to a new level.

Feel free to get in touch for a really exciting, entertaining and energetic lecture that really sets the mood for the evening.


I can tailor the lecture according to time and emphasis on seminars. Most seminars I attend use to request between 30 to 45 minutes, but I can also keep it a little shorter or a bit longer.

I often book to come after lunch or towards the end of the day to lift the mood if people have just eaten or are tired at the end of a seminar. I then come with a strong story, a lot of energy and facilitation for reflections.

My lecture does not have to be completely connected with the rest of the seminar, but often acts as an extra factor to lift the seminar if it is otherwise heavily academic.