Lectures I can offer your organization

As a lecturer, I combine a strong story with good speaking skills, a lot of humor, energy, reflections and tools. My goal is to raise the invisible health in workplaces, in the classroom, in sports teams and in organizations.

More and more organizations are actively investing in mental health and this has made my calendar busy.

I am often booked for seminars where my topic is not the overriding one, but my clients want a strong story, a lot of humor and good reflections to take with them.

In my lectures, I focus on how closely physical and mental health are connected and what strength this can be, when used correctly. Here the doorstep mile is central and I love talking about endorphins.

I am concerned about the different routines we can have in everyday life and that these play a greater role when life is difficult. But I am particularly interested in the routines you have with yourself.

I also focus on that we humans are herd animals and how you can build a strong foundation with the people around you and what role it will play further in life.

It's about how you invest in colleagues, fellow students and people around you.


I have been a fixture at unions such as LO, Fagforbundet, YS, NSH, Delta and various member organizations in recent years. Here I am often booked to give lectures for the association's members (seminars or membership evenings). I have also been used under the auspices of recruitment (an example of this is school visits to VGS or Høyskoler) or I am booked to share academic support for the various boards. I tailor as desired and promise top energy every time


I make a living from being a speaker, but I also really appreciate volunteering that is done out there. Therefore, my prices will also adjust if there are voluntary organizations that want to arrange something. Do not be afraid to get in touch, and we will map out together how we can best make it happen.

Examples of this are the Volunteer Center or humanitarian organizations.

Sports team

I come from a background with a lot of sports (cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and football) and both physical activity, routines and the social were strongly rooted here. I am passionate about children and young people being kept under the wings of sport for as long as possible and I focus on what the community in sport contributes. This is especially true of young adults who are now seen struggling more and more with their mental health. I want to create engagement with all coaches, enthusiasts and enthusiasts by telling them how important the job they do is, for what framework you bring into adulthood.

The lecture is perfect for gatherings, partner / sponsor meetings, or in general to motivate the team. Mental health and achievement are connected and Marius is really passionate about you reaching your full potential, overcoming the doorstep mile and not least understanding how much capacity and energy there is in us humans.