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Marius Løken lecturer on Mental Health

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I have gradually given lectures in many different arenas, and I am very proud of that! I always ask for feedback from my employers that reflects the work I have done. On this page you will find reviews from both previous employers and google reviews.

Sogn Avis

Hanne Stedje

Marius Løken has a strong history – and an even stronger, to put it mildly, sensational communication skills. He uses his whole being – and gives his whole being – and conveys an important message that is suitable for a large number of different target groups. He is committed and present, uses simple tools, good and lively language and humor to bring out his points, and the fact that his history and experiences are so unique, makes the experience for the audience especially special. It did not take many minutes the first time I heard him before I had decided to bring in Marius to give his own lecture for the Sogn og Fjordane journalist team. He hereby receives the warmest recommendations.


Marius Løken gave a lecture during the motivation course for “Fadderullan” at BI Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. The theme for this day was mainly to motivate students who will take on the responsibility for the future students with us at the beginning of the next school year. Marius’ experiences are both inspiring and motivating. The way he conveys his message is simple. The advice he gives benefits from thinking through and applying it in everyday life.

Marius Løken can be highly recommended as an enthusiastic speaker.

Sande Videregående skole

Madelene Bergfløtt

A very good digital lecture that our 400 high school students greatly appreciated. The lecture has a perfect length for a digital audience, with good tips for everyday life and a gripping story! Highly recommended!

Asvo Vardø

Monica Esbensen

Marius Løken, what a human being and what a mediator. From the first word was said, an almost full hall was completely quiet. Children from 12 years and up were present. Marius tells the terrible story in such a way that there is room for both laughter and tears. I asked my 12-year-old daughter after the lecture: It was great! If you have the opportunity and the opportunity, you should definitely bring Marius Løken with you.

Mental Helse Vestby

Solfrid Lekva

We at “Mental Helse Vestby” got Marius to give a lecture with us during World Day. First he was at Vestby Videregående and had lectures, has received feedback that they were happy. He had lectures in the evening and there and people were happy. Marius is an inspiration to many. He has a message you do not want to miss. Hope I get the opportunity to hear him several times. Thanks for a great evening.

Fagforbundet/barn og oppvekst

Suzana Belcovska

I have been so lucky to attend 2 lectures with Marius. He is committed, skilled and good at communicating. He is incredibly funny and I leave his lecture with a new courage.

Lett-Tak systemer AS

Johan Aas

Marius has a clear message and a strong story, which he tells in an entertaining way. He hits us all and normalizes situations in life that we all encounter, but which are not always so easy to deal with. Marius engages in a way that makes you both entertained, reflective – and gets clear “tools” to do something about it.

Vollebekk skole

Sebastian Stephansen

An inspiring lecture for our youth. Marius had a nice balance of seriousness and humor. Adapted the content to the student’s age. Come up with simple and concrete tips for good mental health. Thanks for the visit.

Horten vgs

Lisen Boberg-Nilsen

Marius is experienced as a down-to-earth and genuine person. His dedication and wild history did something for all of us. Thank you for visiting and welcome back 🙂


Marit Moen

The lecture was given to our members in Fagforbundet Nordgudbransdal, in Vågå.
The feedback is unequivocal, it was an evening filled with both laughter and tears. Marius has a unique ability to communicate, in an engaging and vibrant way. We could have sat for a few hours listening to him!

Leangen Kulturbarnehage SA

Wenche Tingstad

On our planning day, topics such as mental health and good psychosocial environments were discussed. Marius had the closing lecture. Although the staff had been working for several hours, Marius received full attention immediately. He has very good communication skills and engages 100% throughout the lecture. With a serious backdrop, he focuses on how to build up, and shows with all his might that the way out of a deep darkness actually exists. Recommended.

Fagkomiteen ved Psykolosjens linjeforening

Marius Løken is really a good communicator, who captures the audience from the first second. He does this by telling a gripping story in a very engaging way. Through his lecture, he inspires and allows for reflection. We received a lot of good feedback after the lecture – people appreciated his mood, sense of humor and presence.

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