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Marius Løken lecturer on Mental Health

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I have gradually given lectures in many different arenas, and I am very proud of that! I always ask for feedback from my employers that reflects the work I have done. On this page you will find reviews from both previous employers and google reviews.


Kpt. Erik Fonn

Marius Løken tells his strong story with great commitment and plays on the entire emotional spectrum through his good parenting skills. This is largely based on his presence, humor and ability to attract attention through his positive demeanor.

Marius has an honest approach to the way he describes how the incident affected him and those around him. As a military department, this has transferability to what we ourselves can experience in our profession. Thus, Marius’ lecture is a great arena for creating reflection on preparations, visualization and not least handling should the crisis occur.

For us, it was important to have as unfiltered a story as possible, both mtp what Marius himself experienced and felt during the attack itself, but equally thoughts and reactions from both him and those closest to him afterwards and on the way back to “normal”.

Avdeling for gastro- og barnekirurgi, Oslo universitetssykehus

Marius gave a moving, motivating and inspiring lecture at our department seminar on 2 November. Doctors, nurses and mercantile employees were present. Everyone was left with a good feeling after the lecture which was really about “Turning adversity into success”. We highly recommend Marius, and do not disregard the fact that we invite him another time too!

BI Athletics

Johanne Foss

A fantastic lecture that got everyone he talked to! A strong story that really grabs the listeners! He conveys in a unique way that contains lots of humor and laughter! Highly recommended!


Thank you Marius for an inspiring and motivating lecture. This was absolutely of high quality, and I would highly recommend this lecture to more people. We at CBS greatly appreciated it, and think the combination of humor and seriousness made it a perfect experience.

Fagforbundet Telemark

Kenneth Solheim

He used the trade union Telemark for an inspiration day. We were 300 people present who were drawn into a story that created both laughter and tears. Fantastic communication skills that captivated the audience. This should be included by more people


This is truly a lecture you will not want to miss. Marius has an incredible ability to talk about a serious incident but also to add humor to it. It shows us above that it is important to talk about uncomfortable and / or serious incidents but that this is also okay and not something to try to avoid. He also explained how he came back to himself after the incident which is worth gold for everyone to know. If you get the chance, do not hesitate to attend one of his lectures!

Foredragskomitén Politihøgskolen Oslo

The lecture was moving and extremely educational for the 200 students at the Police Academy who had the pleasure of listening to Marius

Thor Heyerdahl Videregående skole

Ove Hvarnes

Marius spellbound 110 students and it was quiet for 90 minutes. Good content and nice guy.

Oppland Røde Kors

Khrystyna Solomchak

Marius gave a lecture for Red Cross volunteers in connection with the Care Gathering in Lillehammer. He was engaged and we got good feedback from the participants!

Hommelvik ungdomsskole

An interesting story and good simple measures he came up with to ensure / improve his own mental health. He was humorous and a skilled communicator. Can perhaps slow down from time to time, but very engaged in his communication. Got all the students with him and easy to understand what he meant. Nice he came up with points to relate to / do.

Utdanningsforbundet i Stange, Ringsaker, Løten og Hamar.

Sigrun Fallet

We had two great lectures from Marius. One with 120 10-classes who sat as if enchanted and listened. And one with members from the educational associations at Hedemarken. We are very satisfied with the contact / information flow in advance. Marius is a social and nice guy who was easy to communicate with before and after the lectures. The lecture itself was wonderful and moving. It is an incredibly strong story he conveys. He does this with a good mix of seriousness and humor. He presents simple and good tools that can help both prevent and cope with resistance. There was a lot of good feedback from both groups who heard the lecture.

Norges Idrettsforbund

Marit Arntzen

On the actual 10th anniversary of the event, Marius Løken visited Idrettshelga 2021. In the evaluation from the audience, there was very positive feedback of the type: “Marius was amazing”, “Marius delivered”, “What a lecture”, etc. The most constructive was this: ” Academically, Marius Løken’s story was very special. He had many good points that started the thought process towards dealing with stress in sports. Easy to draw parallels even though his story was completely “raw” and on a different level.

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