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Marius Løken lecturer on Mental Health

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I have gradually given lectures in many different arenas, and I am very proud of that! I always ask for feedback from my employers that reflects the work I have done. On this page you will find reviews from both previous employers and google reviews.

Oslo Universitetssykehus

Skrevet av: Britt Jarnbjo

Marius gave a moving, motivating and inspiring lecture at our department seminar on 2 November. Doctors, nurses and mercantile employees were present. Everyone was left with a good feeling after the lecture which was really about “Turning adversity into success”. We highly recommend Marius, and do not disregard the fact that we invite him another time too!

Fagforbundet Ung UIS

Marius gives a moving lecture that takes the hall by storm! The lecture is emotional, educational and more fun than you first think. He is incredibly good at getting the audience involved from the first minute and talks about a topic that is relevant to everyone, regardless of age.


Marius Løken has a strong and very special story. He conveys this with an energy and a commitment few can match. Marius gets the hall’s attention from the first moment and takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster, where both tears and laughter sit loose. Humor is an important element in his journey from turning adversity to success. In his lecture, you will learn what tools he has used to come back stronger than ever. Recommended!

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